Quad-Stack Features

  • Brush dampening
  • Motorized compensator (shafted models only)
  • Positive clutch engagement on unit
  • Cascading oil lubrication on all drive gears with flow control
  • Drop down ink fountain assembly
  • Rubber covered ink & dampener rollers
  • compressible blankets with bars attached
  • Solid stainless steel plate & blanket cylinders (forgings)
  • Safety guards totally covering ink & dampening rollers
  • Form rollers, air operated
  • Impression, air operated
  • Pneumatic web tension (roll under unit only)
  • Motor driven ink fountain rollers (variable speed)
  • Motor driven spiral brush dampener (constant speed)
  • One-way (non-contaminating) water system
  • Bearers on blanket cylinders
  • Running sidelay register control - all plates
  • Running circumferential register control - all plates
  • Running plate skewing register control - all plates
  • Air circulation system between decks to control temperature & moisture levels in uncontrolled climatic conditions
  • Zone dampening
  • Mechanical spare parts kits
  • Spare electrical controller module
  • Narrow gap blanket lockups, allows for .5" extra print length
  • Double ended plate bender
  • Pin register system
  • motorized ink keys with control system
  • 4o Hp AC Vector drive & motor
  • UV Curing for printing on coated stocks

More Features

The basic component of the QUAD-STACK is the UPM (Universal Printing Module) a compact web-fed offset printing unit that prints a single color on both sides of the web of paper. The UPM contains four solid stainless steel printing cylinders: two plate & two blanket cylinders.


UPM's are are configured to be placed one on top of the other with each added module enabling the printing of one additional color on each side of the web. These "stackable" modules are either mounted above a reel stand or a base frame.



Quad-Stack Printing Press - Coro Nuevo Dia


This video shows a Quad-Stack printing line complete with 4-high Quad-Stack units, UPM units, and Folders during production.

Quad-Stack Test Run


This video shows a Quad-Stack printing press test run. You see art and engineering combining the first time the start button is pushed.

Quad-Stack press frame cut


Video shows plasma cutting the heavy-duty steel side frames for a UPM deck of a Quad-Stack unit.

Download a PDF copy of the Quad-Stack brochure.


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Quad-Stack Gallery



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